The quality of cold forming

September 2022

Precision. One of the hallmarks of our products.
To achieve it, we make use of very latest instruments and technologies throughout the entire production process. Among the many processes used by Gi Di Meccanica to achieve the maximum levels of precision is that of cold forming on progressive presses.

Cold forming, or cold stamping, is a high speed production process in which a piece of metal wire or rod is transported through a series of dies where it is deformed in stages to impart the required geometry.

This involves deforming the material beyond the springback point but without reaching the yield point (the yield point is surpassed only in blanking and punching operations).

Cold forming techniques allow us to create objects of various sizes, even with different sectional thicknesses. That’s why we use the technique to make parts for a vast range of applications, from the automotive sector to hydraulics and sports articles and anywhere our potential client is seeking reliability and continuity in its procurement needs (thanks also to the high productivity guaranteed by cold forming technology).

It’s a “cold” working process because the material (steel, aluminium alloys, copper alloys, etc.) is deformed from ambient temperature.
We are however fully equipped to perform also “semi-hot” forming, in which we use inductors to preheat the material in order to increase the deformability of particularly hard alloys, such as stainless steel.

What are the benefits of cold forming techniques?

  • Consistency of the process
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Quality
  • Enhanced mechanical characteristics (the alloy is work hardened by the deformation process)
  • High productivity and high speed
  • Raw material savings compared to products made by machining bar stock.

As anticipated, less metal is required than for chip removal processes, resulting in lower levels of scrap and greater environmental sustainability.

The material saving, when combined with the time saving, translates into lower production costs: the cold forming procedure is synonymous with guaranteed economic competitiveness.

Thanks to our capital equipment resources, Gi Di Meccanica can produce each item of equipment required for the process independently, including the dies, which are essential to guarantee the forming service for any component of interest to our clients. Whether making finished or semi-finished products, the flexibility of our machines and the extreme technological innovation built into our production process allow us to offer a constant guarantee of the maximum levels of customization for every product.