Cost of living crisis: Management doubles the welfare funds for employees

December 2022

One of the main consequences of this period of economic difficulty our society is facing is the rise of living costs across the board.

GI.DI Meccanica’s CEO Dino Giusti has decided to give a tangible helping hand to each of the company’s workers, with a financial contribution of €500. This decision takes the upper limit for corporate welfare for this year from €600 to €1100.


Our CEO made this comment on his decision: “I wanted to help the people who work for us, supporting our employees who are facing spiralling energy bills, shopping costs and a rise in the cost of living in general. Our turnover is rising robustly, so we are able to give a practical helping hand to our skilled workers, who have played an essential role in enabling the company to meet our targets.


The vouchers provided by the company can be used in all shops in the Conè shopping mall in Conegliano.