Cold forming


Why choose cold forming

High output and repeatability levels

On average, cold forming technology is 100 times faster than turning and far more stable.

Reduction of material wastage
Since parts are made through deformation rather than material removal, less material is required for each component.
Economic competitiveness

The time saving in creating the products and the reduction of scrap make cold forming one of the most efficient and cost effective manufacturing technologies.

Excellent mechanical properties of the finished product
Since the metal grains are redistributed rather than sheared, toughness and hardness of the finished product are enhanced. Also, the presence of burr on the component is minimised.

The flexibility and innovation of our machines allow the utmost customisation of finished or semi-finished products

The flexibility needed to guarantee a bespoke stamping service is possible thanks to our four decades of know-how and our advanced resources in terms of capital equipment.
Twenty machines that allow the production of any component required, with in-house construction of every tool we need, from the dies to the milling processes, from dip coating to turning.

We use quick change technology

Thanks to this innovative method, the operator can pre-set the machine for the next job, thus reducing retooling times.