Because optimal engineering can make a big difference

Check the technical and functional aspects
The project is analysed and optimised in such a way as to ensure that all series production stages are carried out efficiently.
Make a product infinitely repeatable
By evaluating the time required for production, maintenance, reliability and strength, we can make a product repeatable multiple times, resulting in big savings in time and cost.
Analyse costs
Production, logistics, and labour costs are analysed for future industrialisation.

Our R&D department is supported by a metrology lab to carry out checks and tests

We have implemented a Metrology Laboratory that allows us to apply different types of dimensional checks, to support both production and R&D activities. Thanks to 3D measurement systems we can carry out multiple nondestructive tests.
Thanks to our ongoing and constant research into new technologies and innovations, we register a large number of patents in different sectors every year. We work with the University of Padua and other research institutions to make sure we are constantly honing our technical skills.