A 40th that propels us into the future

September 2023

The people of Gi. Di. Meccanica are its beating heart, and it is those same people who made the company’s 40th-anniversary celebrations on 16 September so memorable.

The Open Factory was just the beginning of a day filled with unforgettable moments. An initiative that made us proud, first and foremost of the people at Gi. Di., but also of our partners, and of the community and politicians’ response to our company. Over 800 people responded to the invitation and chose to visit our headquarters to learn about our company’s past while envisioning its future.


All together, around the same table: this is exactly how we wanted to celebrate with our partners and employees. After the Open Factory, the celebrations continued in the picturesque setting of Villa Brandolini D’Adda, which provided the backdrop for an exciting and interactive corporate event. The night kicked off with an opening aperitif, followed by a gala dinner as we celebrated our heritage and core values.

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