Solidarity for Ukraine

March 2022
We express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and wholly condemn the current events that are unfolding in their country. We are faced with heartbreaking news: millions of families fleeing their homes, forced to abandon all their possessions to escape the tanks and bombardments.
These tragic images led CEO Dino Giusti to launch a solidarity initiative in order to assist the Ukrainian population.

The need for active support for those who are currently experiencing hardship was set down in the corporate bulletin addressed to our employees.

“I am presenting a solidarity initiative in aid of the Ukrainian people and I would ask those employees who share my concern and support this gesture to bring comfort and goodwill to the afflicted”, quoting from the words of our CEO as he urged the workforce to join forces and get behind the initiative.

Gi. Di. and all its employees are strongly committed to the values of freedom and democracy, and they greeted the CEO’s request with enthusiasm.

These are difficult times that we need to get through together to restore peace, not only to countries where conflict is occurring daily, but to every corner of the world.